Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture is a profession that produces solutions in order to offer the most appropriate design to users in an architectural space according to functional, structural and aesthetic criteria.

It is the art of building the necessary spaces with aesthetic approaches by combining functional needs with economic and technical opportunities in order to facilitate people’s lives and to enable them to continue their activities such as sheltering, resting, working and having fun. The subject of architecture is human. In order to live in a healthier, more comfortable and better conditions, architects examine the environment, cultures, history and places. In the light of the information they obtain, they design new buildings, building environments and direct the construction process. As Hüseyin Çakar Architecture, usability, permanence, aesthetics and originality are important building blocks on the basis of our architectural understanding.
Our architectural implementation stages
-We are conducting a detailed exploration study at the place where the application will be made.
We shape our project in the digital environment with the data obtained as a result of the discovery and in line with the wishes and demands of our customers.
-After the necessary permissions are obtained from the authorized institutions, we go to the preliminary preparation stage to start the application in the place, and we carry out the slaughter and demolition processes, if any.
We start the procurement of the preferred materials and the manufacturing process of the furniture and accessories designed according to the customer’s request.
-We deliver the project within the promised time with the application of the materials to the space and the assembly of the furniture and accessories whose manufacturing has been completed.
-We provide free technical support for 6 months from the delivery of the project in all our works.

On the one hand, it contains the plastic values ​​required by fine arts, is kneaded with aesthetic knowledge, and on the other hand, it is located in a position that is associated with the building phenomenon of architecture.

Interior Architecture Project Visualization Projects