Facade Design

While designing the facade, the design needs to be planned and thought through a lot. If this process is not done correctly, your building may be adversely affected.
Things to consider in order to make the right Facade Design;
Whether the façade receives light or not, we should not forget that different materials affect the light while designing your facade. For example, if your building faces west, if you make more than 50% of the facade glass, this can increase the internal temperature of your building too much.
If your building faces north, it is necessary to use materials that reflect light. In such a case, a white or gray facade would be appropriate. Different materials should be selected according to the location of your facade.
The windows you will use on your facade should be made in such a way that they do not block the view. It is very important to provide this in high-rise buildings and offices. In addition, the materials to be used in the facade design also affect the energy efficiency of the interior. The materials you use
It should be resistant to rusting, staining and abrasion.
It is necessary to choose the light model correctly. Understanding the light pattern is vital in certain types of buildings. For example, for schools that aim to help students learn effectively, the location of facades relative to where students sit and how they will sit
It affects their ability to read textbooks and can be easily distracted. The same can be said for retail outlets that need a good view from the outside, so passersby can look for the brand name, logo, signage.
he pays attention. If you have a front-facing showcase, you should use a light that will not blind your customers and not disturb them, and you should plan and think about daylight and additional lighting.

Facade Design Project Examples