We Design Your Corporate Identity That Reflects Your Brand and Sets Your Difference

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is the whole of the work done to represent the company’s stance and to enable customers to recognize the company at a glance. The corporate identity also gives a more reliable impression to the customers as it makes the company look professional. The most basic of these works is the logo, which consists of the name of the institution and the emblem. All other visual communication materials are shaped based on the logo design and the color or colors used in the logo.

How Should Corporate Identity Design Be?

A unique corporate identity design is extremely important for the success and reputation of your company. The corporate identity to be created should be prepared in a way that is unique and represents your company. For this reason, corporate identities should come out of the hands of professionals. Because corporate identities are not a work that is changed too much and it is a product that directly represents the brand.

What Does Corporate Identity Consist of?

Emblem Design and Usage Patterns
Logo Design and Usage Patterns
Technical information; Dimensioning and Usage Dimensions
Colors and Usage Areas
Business card
Letterhead / Letterhead Continuation Paper (Soft&Hard Copy)
Diplomats envelope
Bag Envelope
Catalog design
Promotion film
Communication Tools and Advertising Tools
Website design and SEO Work
Banner Design
Social Media Content Creation and Tracking