2D Plan Drawing

Drawing a 2D Plan and placing your space constitute the first stage of the project. An architectural project is a project that provides technical and architectural information about the plans, sections, facade views, layout plans, materials to be used and connection details, the ratio of structures to each other, interior layout and details of an architectural structure.
Examining all these details before starting the 2D Plan is called the initial review. The cornerstones of architecture are durability, functionality and aesthetics. An architectural project should be prepared with all of these in mind.
While making the layout plan, it should be started by considering the needs of the employer. Afterwards, the exploration starts with the measurement and scaling of the areas to be projected, the layout plan, the determination of the road, electricity, water, sewerage and transportation connections of the land, and the determination of the direction and axes of the land. It continues with the extraction of landscape features and zoning status.

Situation plan; It is a study in which all the assets in the space in the projects are shown. It is prepared in scale.